Because we’ll be welcoming our Parsons mapping partners, Jessica Irish and Jane Pirone, in class on 9/29 — and because I’d like to give you more time to work on your project proposals, which are due 10/6 — I’ve reorganized some of our readings and in-class activities for the next few weeks. You’ll find these changes in the revised syllabus, and reflected in the Readings section.

Specifically, I’ve pushed our mapping discussion back to 10/13, when we’ll have sufficient time to give this topic the serious consideration it deserves. Next week, 10/6, we’ll discuss your project proposals and address research strategies. Then the following week we’ll begin our student Map Critique presentations, explore HyperCities (you should review the Presner essay, which you likely will have read for 9/29, before class on 10/13 to refresh your memory), and discuss several other multimodal critical mapping projects.

Then, on 10/20, Jesse Shapins will be joining us in class.