Download presentation  Envisioning Development Map link: For my map critique, I chose to focus on an interactive map created by the Center for Urban Pedagogy in partnership with the Pratt Center for Community Development, the Fifth Avenue Committee, and other community-based ...Read More

As a source for critique, I have chosen Habitat Map, a wiki-based mapping and social networking platform aimed at charting various measures of what the site terms "environmental quality of life". These characteristics that fall under the category of "environmental ...Read More

China launched, on Friday October 22nd, an official mapping site similar to our well - known “Google Earth”. It was named “Map World”. This website was obviously approved ahead by the Chinese government. It is a free site that allows ...Read More

Hello class, I usually don’t share my work with class, as Adorno would have said that I work in the business of fabricated needs! (Yes, I am guilty of charge: I work in advertising). However, I am proud of one of the ...Read More

TO READ: Stephen Barber’s Abandoned Images: Film and Film’s End Read More

Shared Pleasures: A History of Movie Presentation in the United States: by Douglas Gomery Read More

This exercise will serve to: help your classmates learn about your particular theoretical and topical interests (which will also help us start generating ideas about potential collaborations); encourage you to start thinking about the “stuff” of your map – ...Read More

repurposed movie theater Read More

The Graffiti Archaeology project ( or is a venture by Cassidy Curtis, a curious computer programmer and now graffiti archaeologist, who has been recording how street art evolves as layers of accumulated paint since the late nineties. His findings ...Read More

Note: When I wrote this proposal my plan, or the idea I thought would become the plan was that I would try to amass as many walking tour itineraries, accounts and maps as possible to see what parts of New ...Read More