Two questions:

  1. What’s the best way for each of you to share leads and resources and offer feedback on your classmates’ projects — and possibly explore cross-overs or collaborations? Would simply posting comments to individuals’ blog posts suffice? Or do we need a private discussion board or a shared Google doc or some other forum for information sharing? (Please don’t suggest tweeting with a UMA hashtag; I’d like to continue avoiding Twitter as long as possible!) If we need a new tool, can you recommend particular platforms (preferably free and user-friendly)?
  2. How can we best use our “module” weeks in the middle of the semester? We’ve got October 27, November 3, and November 10 to do with as you wish! Of course we’ll spend a good part of each of these classes working with URT itself. But what other kinds of lessons, tutorials, advice, experiences, etc., do you need to help you with your individual and collective projects? Possibilities include student-led mini-lessons pertaining to your individual research interests; general content (media or urban history), methodological or mapping discussions; screenings/soundings of relevant projects; guest presenters or (as long as it’s not too logistically complicated) field trips; group work; etc. Keep in mind that we’re already planning to dedicate Dec. 1 and 8 to in-class group/technical work.

Post your responses to both questions here, please!