Hello everyone !
I just wanted to share with you one map that I came across on this French website (http://expositions.bnf.fr/globes/bornes/v/41/index.htm). Since I am planning to map the At&T dead spots, I have been looking around trying to find how cartographers succeeded in making the invisible visible. The map below represents human passions and feelings. The painters definitely tried to give a human aspect to countries and regions. These projections also transcribe the power-related rivalries existing among nations. As it distances itself from the traditional mapping codes, this map however succeeds in expressing what feelings might be emerging from the fight for supremacy.

As you take a close look at the map you realize what were the present tensions in 1870:

England is a full-of-rage-isolated nation as it controls Ireland.

Spain is smoking as it relies on Portugal.

France is doing everything it can to reject Prussian invaders that are already entering the Dutch and Austrian territories.

Denmark looks like it has lost some of its land (his legs) to Prussia.

I thought that the painters did a wonderful job at illustrating these emotions and feelings that nations might have felt against one another.

Also, for once, I find that there is no need for a legend in this map as the information that the painter wanted to convey is present on the map itself.

However, I find that it would have more judicious to add a little written text on the side to give a factual context in order for the user to fully understand the map better.