UMA_Presentation_10_20_10 (entire slide show with all map views) I became interested in the practice of food foraging from a classmate who brought it up during a class.  Through a little Google research, I learned that a man named Steve Brill ...Read More

In an article from the Digital Humanities Quarterly Tom Elliot and Sean Gilles imagine an elegant mapping system reminiscent of Borges. The vision takes place in 2017 when the unnamed protagonist—a classical studies professor—uses an integrated computing system to view and ...Read More

Hi there, Below you will find my proposal (I have only removed the bibliography section).  I would love to explore some collaboration areas. For example, I see both, pigeons and delivery guys as messengers. While food delivery is in a constant ...Read More

[caption id="attachment_449" align="alignnone" width="360" caption=""Chicago Boundaries" (by race) Click image for link to enlarged image at Radical Cartography."][/caption] "Chicago Boundaries" (2009) by Bill Rankin, Radical Cartography Subject: Two maps showing the composition of Chicago's neighborhoods by race and by income Purpose: These maps ...Read More

Last week we discussed how you think we can best use our in-class time during the final eight weeks of the semester. Rory and I took all of your recommendations under consideration and created a second-half-of-the-semester syllabus that, we think, ...Read More

I've been thinking about what kind of media I would like to include in my map and I realized that I going to have to deal with a familiar foe: Copyright. I'm planning on visiting the Creative Time Archive in the ...Read More

As I dive into readings for my “architecture of media” project, I find that I am facing challenges in the way I conduct my research. As I was taught years ago, I read and take notes in outline or bullet-point ...Read More

At the Conflux Festival last weekend someone told me about this show currently up at Pratt's Manhattan Gallery called "You Are Here". It's all about "pyschogeography" and alternative modes of mapping in NYC: An exhibition of work by a selection of ...Read More

URT Tool Links I wanted to share with everyone the links to the sites I was demo'ing in our last class. You can log in to the URT tool here: As I mentioned, your username is the same as your Wordpress login (but ...Read More

My neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn is full of old movie theaters that have been repurposed into other important community centers, be it a bank, pharmacy, or even a church. While I’ve bemoaned the lack of a ...Read More