Here are some ideas that tonight's small-group discussions generated. Rory and I will meet early next week to translate some of these ideas into a schedule. In the meantime, we welcome further comments! Read More

Research Questions Why is there such a fascination with alcohol? What does it mean when we designate certain spaces to imbibe it throughout time? Why has there not been more study on the subject? These are the questions I intend to ...Read More

[[ This is a journal entry that I wrote back during out Zielinski reading. It's about Sappho, the ancient Greek poet whose work I'm trying to memorize. You can read about my progress in this project at ]] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So.... *These are ...Read More

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="667" caption="Gap at St Vincent's Hospital"][/caption] Title: Manhattan Skate Map Affiliation: Jackson Vandeberg (Designer/Creator) Location: Subject Matter: Skate spots in Manhattan Data Types: Locations and “names” of skate spots, locations of public transportation, photos of skate spots and skate ...Read More

Assignment#1: Individual Project Proposal Title: Orange or not orange? An attempt in making the dead zones more visible. Introduction I purchased my iPhone 3G on September 9th 2009. On that day, I became a new AT&T customer. I had purposely changed mobile servers to ...Read More

For my critique, I decided to examine The Metropolitan Museum of Art Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History, or TOAH, (  My interest in this timeline/research tool/map stems from how it grapples with an enormous amount of information over time.  The ...Read More

There was an interesting article in the New York Times this past weekend about efforts to improve the capacity of fiber optic networks. It's a nice follow-up to our discussions with Andrew Blum and the short section on fiber optics ...Read More

For the map critique assignment, I’d like to propose some additions to the collection (or “atlas”) of mapping projects. I am inspired by some of the work developed by Stamen, a group of designers that are telling stories out of ...Read More

I work in advertising, in an area called digital strategy. As part of my work, I try to understand people’s drivers to interact with media and technology; to gain a deeper knowledge of the way in which people relate with ...Read More

There are some excellent open houses that I'm thinking are perfect for our class at the Archives Week in New York. The link has a PDF schedule attached to it. After yesterday's class - I am highlighting just a few of ...Read More