Hello class, I would like to start gathering submissions to this original database of obstacles to save time in the food delivery process – the deliveryman’s daily cycled itineraries (the process that starts at the time when the deliveryman receives the ...Read More

I’ve spent the last few days at the New York Public Library Performing Arts Collection which is located at 40 Lincoln Center Plaza. All of my research here has been going through their vast collection of playbills, photographs, architectural plans, ...Read More

Hi there, I think that your project is amazing. I took three photos, however, might not be exactly what you are looking for. I am interested in color and the city. Therefore, i decided to look for some color, always present ...Read More

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="320" caption="Clark Street, 2/3 trains"][/caption] The process has begun! I've sent out personal emails to friends and classmates over the last few days to begin gathering submissions to this original database of subway travel "blind spots." When Jesse Shapins ...Read More

My confusion on how to narrow down my project, or to what scale, decreased a little last week. I was confused about this, as the designers brought some wonderful however abstract suggestions on the table for the design critique, one ...Read More

Last Thursday I took the day to visit the New-York Historical Society Library to go through some of their boxes and files featuring photographs and ephemera of New York City streets and buildings over the past 200 years.  A few ...Read More

How does one map the history of radio broadcasting in NYC? And at what point does it become just noise? These were questions I embarked on when drawing on a topic for my mapping project. I had intended to focus ...Read More

I’ve always found it helpful that while in the process of constructing a project, it is important to document the stages you find yourself in order to have landmarks for your future research and also for an archival purpose. The Pecha ...Read More

Shannon told me at the beginning stages of this project that it's OK for me to work with what's available. In my case, that meant focusing on public art projects from Creative Time since NYU has their archive in Fales ...Read More

In order to identify key “obstacles” to save time during the moment of the delivery (per my previous post, the moment of the delivery is the process that starts at the time when the deliveryman receives the package to be ...Read More