(Answer: 62% of respondents prefer summer deliveries — “It doesn’t even get hot here.”)

During the holidays, I received an email from Shannon about deliverymen articles in last week’s New York magazine (“The Everything Guides to deliveries“). At first, I got frustrated: someone did my project – I told myself – “and now what?”

After digesting the material, I see things differently. First, I am extremely happy to see that the topic is relevant for larger audiences (the magazine dedicates over ten pages to the delivery topic, and the article is also featured in the cover and first pages). Second, I see the New York Magazine’s investigation as a great complement to my project: the writers/researchers were able to capture many aspects I wanted to, but I was not able to (due to restrictions of time, resources, credibility, etc). For example, one article called “Deliveryman for a day” discusses what is like to shuttle pizzas around the city. I jumped onto my bike to experience the obstacles these deliverymen are exposed to during their journeys. However, I was not able to finally join a restaurant and work as a real delivery person for a day. A second article called “The 100-Deliveryperson Poll” features great insights on deliverymen’s demographics, preferences, and more.

For example, did you know that 45% are from Mexico? Would you guess that 46% of respondents said they live in Brooklyn?

The sample might be small for a quant study (100 respondents). Still, it is relevant. I will try to incorporate this data, and I was thinking of creative ways to do it. And this is a question for Rory: do you think I can create some sort of multiple-choice Trivia game?