• We’ll recap our criteria for evaluating multimodal student work + critiquing maps.
  • We’ll do a few rounds of peer critique on one another’s work and, in the process, identify some possible connections between our individual projects that could be the basis for simple “collaborative arguments.” See Rory’s rendering of our string-mapping exercise above. We’ll project the “live,” mutable concept map in class so you can play around with various connections.
  • You’ll have a final chance to solicit advice from your classmates, and from Rory and me.
  • Adrian will present his work-in-progress, since he won’t be joining us on the 20th.
  • We’ll do course evaluations. (N.B. My tenure review is next year!)

*You’ll note that on the original syllabus, I asked you to submit a brief SELF/PEER EVALUATION, via GoogleDocs, by Friday, 12/17 MIDNIGHT ON MONDAY, 12/20. You’re welcome to skip the GoogleDoc thing if you’d rather use your final Process Blog to serve this “summative evaluation” purpose. Or, if there are some things you’d like to say that you’d rather not put in a public blog post, you can still use GoogleDocs (we could count this as your final Process Blog, even though you’re not actually posting it online). Since our class was less group-based than I anticipated in July, when I wrote the syllabus, you can focus more on evaluating your own work (e.g., your work process, your research and design decisions, what you learned — or didn’t — from doing primary research and multimodal scholarship, your success in meeting your own evaluative criteria) than on evaluating group or class-wide work.

MONDAY 12/20 – 6 to 8:40+

  • Pizza! I’ll get some wine, too. You’re welcome to bring stuff to share.
  • Presentations: There will be 14 of us presenting, so let’s limit our time — including a couple minutes for feedback — to ten minutes each. You can simply walk us through your arguments and your records (or a representative sample of them), and while you’re at it, reflect on your research and design processes. The longer the individual presentations are, the longer our class will be. I’m okay with that if you are — but I have a feeling quite a few of you will want to wrap up this semester and start the break asap!