While entering the final stretch of creating my map, I’m finding that curation is my biggest challenge. In the early stages of my project, I imagined my map to be a database. Even though I quickly narrowed down the number of public art projects I wanted to cover, I spent the semester gathering as many artifacts as possible for each project.  As I’m working in URT I realize that not all of it is necessary because I’m creating a visual argument and all the pieces should add to the larger picture. While it’s interesting that Janet Cardiff wanted to get rights to use the song “Kung Fu Fighting” for her project “Her Long Black Hair,” it is not necessarily pertinent to my argument.

What’s going to be most time-consuming for the final days of this project is going to be deciding what stays and what goes. I gathered a lot of “goodies” at the Creative Time and Public Art Fund archives and it’s almost a shame not to share them all, but I think presenting only the essential artifacts will make my point clearer to my audience.

The act of mapping has also pointed out some of my missing pieces. I want the reader to see that these artists are waking up city-dwellers to their surroundings. I don’t think this is going to be very clear with out some scene-setting. I am scrambling to get some images that would create more complete pictures of the public art projects I’m representing. I don’t think seeing that a point “lives” at 7th Ave. and 43rd St. quite conveys the feeling of being in Times Square so I’m looking for some supporting imagery.

Despite the last-minute challenges, I’m looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.