Hello class,

After pursuing my research on food deliveries, and after going through some of the pains that the deliverymen face during their journeys, I guess that I became more sensitive to some messaging/advertising campaigns. One example, is the one I sent to you last night (the one that positions the delivery role for Pizza Hut as the dreamed job).

Here you have another example. Per my highlights from the NYMag article on deliveries, deliverymen prefer summer over winter (“it’s not even hot here”). Today, I received this add from the online delivery service SeamlessWeb.

“Winter is here and hibernation is not an option. Thanks to SeamlessWeb though, you can get all your favorite foods delivered directly to your door without having to step too far away from your space heater!” [Your deliveryman will do it for you! – my note]

So forget about the weather outside and instead think about whether or not to add a cup of hot chocolate to your order.

Happy eating (and don’t forget to tip well!), [Yes, don’t forget to tip well! – my note]
Your Friends at SeamlessWeb

I am now trying to think about ways to represent “cold” as an obstacle to save time during the “delivery phase” of food delivery (an obstacle that is included in my “list of obstacles”). A picture of today’s street will be sufficient. Otherwise, I can just upload this ad. What do you think?

Thanks and see you tomorrow!