Hello class!

Thanks so much to all of you who approched me and shared such encouraging compliments on my “book”. I have no background on design. It was a big effort to put the book together. But it was worth it. I ended up loving the final product.

For those who asked, the platform I used is called issuu.com. Please note, you still need to produce the book on your own. Issue is mainly an online publishing service.

I have created each page on Illustrator. For those of you who are savvy on Illustrator, this should be easy. I am only a beginner user. I don’t even know how to create templates. That’s why it took me so long. I had to design each page, and to add all details manualy (e.g. page number). I created the icons from original pictures, and work on specific fonts, etc.

Once you have all your pages created, save them as pdf files. Then, go to Acrobat and combine single pdf files into one binder. This is the final product. The one that you should upload to issuu.com.

Hope you’ll find this useful.

Have a great holidays!


P.S. I am writing from the airport. I am on the way to our honeymoon!