So I'm not sure why but I tried to post this weeks ago and I guess it didn't work. Also the draft wasn't saved. Oh well, I've been bad enough about the process blogs as it is. Apologies. So after meeting ...Read More

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The biggest challenge with my empirical data was the lack of a natural coherent ‘meeting point’ for my findings. Although they all relate to the coffee shop, and most of them are images from/text about coffee shops, I had to ...Read More

After Tanya showed us the fun-but-unnavigable synergistic map gizmo FourWhere I became all the more skeptical with regards to slick, corporation-commissioned interactive mapping projects, but I have to say that the FedEx Experience is really very interesting. It might be ...Read More

One of the great challenges of my research has been deciphering the handwriting of late New York University history professor Bayrd Still (1906-1992), a frequent creator and leader of walking tours throughout Downtown Manhattan. One of the walking tours that ...Read More

I thought that I should finally post my project proposal. I have edited it since I originally submitted it and going over it was a good exercise to help me stay on track. The City as Cinema: Media-based Public Art Projects ...Read More

Hello class, After pursuing my research on food deliveries, and after going through some of the pains that the deliverymen face during their journeys, I guess that I became more sensitive to some messaging/advertising campaigns. One example, is the one I ...Read More

While entering the final stretch of creating my map, I'm finding that curation is my biggest challenge. In the early stages of my project, I imagined my map to be a database. Even though I quickly narrowed down the number ...Read More

I have spent some time over the past week creating my records and mapping the buildings I want to show on the map.  I've almost mapped all the buildings.  Overall, I've plotted most of the "stories" I mentioned in my ...Read More

Hello Class, I’d just like to share with you some material/thoughts/curiosities that I discovered during my research that won’t make it to the final cut, yet I find them to be interesting. SOURCES OF RESEARCH/LEARNING The value of the delivery menus as a ...Read More