The Graffiti Archaeology project ( or is a venture by Cassidy Curtis, a curious computer programmer and now graffiti archaeologist, who has been recording how street art evolves as layers of accumulated paint since the late nineties. His findings ...Read More

Hi class, I have just learned about Harrasmap, a map to the service of urban living issues in Egypt. Women who experience sexual harassment while walking the streets of Cairo will soon have a way to use Twitter to fight back. ...Read More

Hello archaeologists, I’d like to share with you an article from the latest Wired magazine (the November issue): “Invisible City: What a Hundred Million Calls to 311 Reveal About Ne York”. I’ll bring a copy on Wednesday. Launched in 2003, 311 fields ...Read More

Hi there, Below you will find my proposal (I have only removed the bibliography section).  I would love to explore some collaboration areas. For example, I see both, pigeons and delivery guys as messengers. While food delivery is in a constant ...Read More

For the map critique assignment, I’d like to propose some additions to the collection (or “atlas”) of mapping projects. I am inspired by some of the work developed by Stamen, a group of designers that are telling stories out of ...Read More

I work in advertising, in an area called digital strategy. As part of my work, I try to understand people’s drivers to interact with media and technology; to gain a deeper knowledge of the way in which people relate with ...Read More