Mapping Manhattan’s Coffee Addiction

I am not sure if someone was mapping coffee shops…or just book stores in Manhattan. But as I was researching for my map critique I found this map and thought it was interesting and may be useful for someone’s project!


  1. Thanks, Lauren. Last fall Tanya Toft mapped the history of coffee houses in Fort Greene. For this map, though — which is obviously more of an art project than a “systematic” representation of all coffee houses — I wonder how the artist chose what’s worth mapping. And does the color scheme have any significance? Maybe not — but these are things we need to think about for our maps.

  2. I think the color scheme definitely has significance! I mean, it looks like coffee right? Or, more generally, it definitely has a very “Starbucks” look in that “30 minute vacation” sort of way. I can practically hear the Norah Jones just by looking at it — or the latest Putumayo mix CD.

    ok but seriously, I’m just posting because this reminded me of a funny and cool project by Cory Arcangel that calculates the “Starbucks Center of Gravity” for Manhattan:

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