The Ginger Island Project- Could be useful for the Fluxus Mapping Project?

I’ll admit- this is mostly for Danielle but could be interesting to others- I stumbled upon this the other and figured it may be useful for the Fluxus Map!

The Ginger Island Project 

A public screening, a slide installation, a sound project, a party  and an exhibition

On view: November 11-13 from 11 am to 6 pm

Closing Reception: Sunday, November 13, 6 pm

“The Ginger Island Project reflects on the idea of the Fluxus artist community that George Maciunas initiated in the late 1960s. Ginger Island is an uninhabited island in the Caribbean, part of the British Virgin Islands, where George Maciunas wanted to start a Fluxus artist colony and develop a unique city. His plan was to buy the islandand give pieces of land to Fluxus artists for development. Maciunas produced an urban development sketch strangely reminiscent of the Manhattan grid with numbered plots of land.


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