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After a little bit of a hiccup (computer was stolen out of my apartment), I feel like I am back on track in regards to the Woody Allen landmarks I plan on plotting. I have decided to limit my points to about twelve historic places, objects and areas that have been featured in at least one of Allen’s films that production was based in New York City. This selection came pretty organically when I began diving into landmarks and how they have been featured throughout film history not just in Allen’s films. Many of them, such as Tavern on the Green, Elaine’s Diner and the Naumberg Bandshell not only have a rich film history, but also the general historic information I have found is really interesting, and text I want to include.

This organic selection process also helped me develop the final argument I plan to make. I have decided because of the research I have already found, to argue the importance of film production continuing in the Manhattan area.  Woody Allen serves as an amazing catalyst for this argument because not only has he been a leading director in regards of featuring the city in his films, he also has gone on record stating it has become too expensive to film in New York, which is why he has chosen to move production of his latest films to Europe. Through my research I have realized what an intricate character New York City has become in the film industry from production to final edits to marketing strategies and the actual premiers. I feel with the history of my landmarks paired with my argument text about film and the city I am still researching and Woody Allen as the constant background force, my argument will be cohesive and justified throughout my URT map.

In regards to my timeline for the final two weeks, I plan this weekend to get all of my points plotted with the text, audio, visual, and multimedia layers I have found. I also want to really organize my work-cited resources as much as possible within the records I create. I then plan on concluding my final research regarding overall film history in New York to further my argument. Then for the final weekend of work December 9th-11th, I plan on finishing my argument as well as work cited. Then during the final week make sure all plotted point, layers, and entities, include all information needed and work correctly.

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  1. I’m a little late in responding — but I hope things are still going as smoothly as they seemed to be going last week. I’m so glad to hear that your selection process seemed and your argument development seemed to inform one another so well, and both seemed to proceed pretty smoothly. Given that the importance of NY-based film production is the intended “take-away” message of your map, it would be great to get some great quotations from Allen in your conclusion.

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