Final Presentations & Evaluation

Image: Bryan Coston, Kodak Cavalcade Couple, via Flickr CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

We’ll depart a bit from our original schedule and spread out our final presentations over two weeks — the 14th and the 19th. We’ll establish our presentation schedule in class on the 7th. And rather than inviting external critics (we’ve already had some outside guests join us — and inviting more here, at the end, would require that we dedicate way more time than we have to final presentations) I’ll invite you to invite any people you want to join us. I think it’ll be more productive for us to reserve our time for evaluating ourselves — to ask ourselves those questions we asked of myriad other multimodal projects and maps throughout the semester: how do we know when a cartographic argument is sound? In class on the 7th we’ll revisit our two lists of evaluative criteria and develop an agreed-up but not-too-rigid rubric with which we can engage in some type of open peer-review process in our last class, on the 19th. Finally, you’ll note in the Assignments area that you’re to submit a Self/Group Final Assessment by the 19th. This wrap-up reflection can either take the form of a final Process Blog post, or if you don’t feel comfortable posting it online, you can submit it via GoogleDocs.

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