End of Semester Bug

As the semester comes to a close and all of us are ready to present our final URT presentations, of course with my luck my project would acquire a Syntax Error bug throughout the entire day before my map is due. I must give Rory a major shout out for working hard and finally figuring out the problem for me, however the hours I could not login I could have really used to put the finishing touches on my map for the semester. I am a little bit of a perfectionist, so I have to keep reminding myself that the URT system is a work in progress, and we are experimenting with a first generation database, that of course will have it’s share of problems.


Even with the last minute bug, I feel pretty good about where my mapping project has come for the semester. All of the film landmarks I wanted to plot are included and each record has a fair amount of data pertaining to both of my arguments. My arguments are concise and an excellent starting base for the spatial records and layers throughout the project. In the upcoming months, my goals for my URT project include:


–       Creating a layer including actors and actresses who have been featured in Woody Allen films and who have also had an influence in New York City.

–       Add audio clips of archival Woody Allen interviews

–       Add more in-depth film synopsizes of the Allen movies selected.

–       Film scripted video segments in front of historical landmarks explaining their relevance to New York and film.

–       Go more in-depth with my New York in Film argument.


The last thing I plan on doing tonight is to finish my references for all of my sources. This is what I planned on doing yesterday, but because of the unforeseen Syntax Error bug I did not have the opportunity. Once I have completed my references, even with the work listed above, I feel my map will be an excellent starting platform that is cohesive with the spatial argumentation. The research and data I have made on my map provide the overall messages I set out to accomplish. It has been an interesting experience diving in with URT, learning to relax about the bugs, while discovering the use of topographical research and how a multimodal map can provide a solid argument.

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