Despite my project's metamorphosis into something beyond (and better) what I originally imagined, I went to bed last night feeling like I still had details to add, things to change, ways to organize things differely.  Ultimately, this project has left ...Read More

Two weeks ago (coincidentally, the same day I went on my paper route), I visited the New York Historical Society library to view several photo collections of newspaper boys in the early 1900's.  Luckily, I had blocked out my entire ...Read More

I went on my first paper route Thursday  night.  Er...yesterday morning?  I feel like I have a bad case of jetlag; I stayed up all night on Thursday, trekked to Bay Ridge at 2a.m., and met up with Ronnie, one ...Read More

After Jesse's lecture last evening, I thought a lot about the direction of my (and our) mapping project, imagining ways I could string together several types of media that would enhance the rather factual nature of my research.  I was ...Read More

UMA_Presentation_10_20_10 (entire slide show with all map views) I became interested in the practice of food foraging from a classmate who brought it up during a class.  Through a little Google research, I learned that a man named Steve Brill ...Read More

As my first process blog post, below is my project proposal.  My brain is starting to ache in empathy for Rory, who will probably pull his hair out when he has to help with the "technological wrangling" of those of ...Read More