After Tanya showed us the fun-but-unnavigable synergistic map gizmo FourWhere I became all the more skeptical with regards to slick, corporation-commissioned interactive mapping projects, but I have to say that the FedEx Experience is really very interesting. It might be ...Read More

[caption id="attachment_1119" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="The Metro desk in the 3rd floor newsroom, 1970s"][/caption] The arts section of today's NY Times contained articles on the afterlives of historic newsrooms and speakeasies! The old NY Times newsroom on 43rd Street is now a ...Read More

In honor of World Toilet Day (November 19, apparently) the British household cleaning product company Domestos commissioned designers from Lean Mean Fighting Machine to create Flush Tracker. As the name implies, the site maps the journey of flushed water in ...Read More

Just a little something that I spotted today and thought I'd share rather than squish and wipe up: Roach Map is a visualization created through a collaboration between Hacks/Hackers NYC and Eyebeam. While this may not initially appear to be ...Read More

It's too bad that this project isn't public because it's really interesting. About 100 street artists illegally entered an abandoned subway station and painted murals on the walls. One of the creators calls it "an eternal show without a crowd." NY ...Read More

And, not to hog the blog, but there seem to be good and bad lessons to take from this elegant, highly selective and somewhat arbitrary map of various green sites in Manhattan (read: below 110th Street) by Plaid. For instance, ...Read More

Anyone read about this new bus tour of the Times Square area, The Ride, wherein costumed actors in place on the street enact scenes from New York City's past for passengers aboard a custom-made vehicle with stadium seating? The New ...Read More

There was an interesting article in the New York Times this past weekend about efforts to improve the capacity of fiber optic networks. It's a nice follow-up to our discussions with Andrew Blum and the short section on fiber optics ...Read More