Described as  a “collaborative sound map of the City”, Open Sound New Orleans (OSNO) invites the public to record, upload, and share the sounds of New Orleans using Google Maps. The purpose and goal of the Open Sound project is ...Read More

prototype map

History In the summer of 2008, Eric DeMenthon was struggling with a challenge that many of us are quite familiar with--trying to find an apartment in New York City. The painful experience of clicking through thousands of ...Read More

My research topic of ”the coffee house” has developed into a study of the characteristics of the evolution in ‘the production of a social public sphere’, and the coffee shop’s role throughout history as a facilitator of different kinds of ...Read More

History Bio Mapping is an ongoing, multimodal mapping project created and headed by artist and designer Christian Nold. In what began in 2004, the project has involved, according to Nold, thousands of subjects across 16 different countries, using the Situationist concept ...Read More“mapping the rock n roll genome” Band2Band is an interesting user created map taking the form of a family tree and is meant to show the interconnected relationships between musicians and bands. Unlike websites like Pandora, which are able to aggregate ...Read More

The user-generated website Mural Locator was created to situate works of two-dimensional public art at any location in the world–provided of course that it’s accessible on Google Maps. Though seemingly designed specifically for the geographical cataloging of official and historical ...Read More

Introduction For my map critique, I decided to study the series of protest maps given by the French daily newspaper’s website ‘Le Monde’ published on October 12th, available at: After browsing through different worldly media sources, the French protesters were being described ...Read More

Download presentation  Envisioning Development Map link: For my map critique, I chose to focus on an interactive map created by the Center for Urban Pedagogy in partnership with the Pratt Center for Community Development, the Fifth Avenue Committee, and other community-based ...Read More

As a source for critique, I have chosen Habitat Map, a wiki-based mapping and social networking platform aimed at charting various measures of what the site terms "environmental quality of life". These characteristics that fall under the category of "environmental ...Read More

The Graffiti Archaeology project ( or is a venture by Cassidy Curtis, a curious computer programmer and now graffiti archaeologist, who has been recording how street art evolves as layers of accumulated paint since the late nineties. His findings ...Read More