On August 1, 1954 a plane landed at New York City's Idlewild Airport in Queens (now LaGuardia). The plane carried Lena, a German Racing Pigeon. Lena's arrival in the U.S. was a grand celebration. She was met by “four hero pigeons of ...Read More

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I’ve spent the last few days at the New York Public Library Performing Arts Collection which is located at 40 Lincoln Center Plaza. All of my research here has been going through their vast collection of playbills, photographs, architectural plans, ...Read More

http://www.bandtoband.com“mapping the rock n roll genome” Band2Band is an interesting user created map taking the form of a family tree and is meant to show the interconnected relationships between musicians and bands. Unlike websites like Pandora, which are able to aggregate ...Read More

TO READ: Stephen Barber’s Abandoned Images: Film and Film’s End Read More

Shared Pleasures: A History of Movie Presentation in the United States: by Douglas Gomery Read More

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My neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn is full of old movie theaters that have been repurposed into other important community centers, be it a bank, pharmacy, or even a church. While I’ve bemoaned the lack of a ...Read More