I thought that I should finally post my project proposal. I have edited it since I originally submitted it and going over it was a good exercise to help me stay on track. The City as Cinema: Media-based Public Art Projects ...Read More

Alright, so its about time that I officially post my proposal. I'll admit that things have changed between now and last month. However, as I look back, I notice that things have not changed that much. and they've changed ...Read More

Mapping the Social Lives of Zines: Situated Media networks from 1985-1995 Context Recent articles in mainstream media publications ranging from the New York Times and BusinessWeek to the Village Voice and Wired have all featured the recent resurgence of ...Read More

Note: When I wrote this proposal my plan, or the idea I thought would become the plan was that I would try to amass as many walking tour itineraries, accounts and maps as possible to see what parts of New ...Read More

Background & Context On Tuesday, September 21, 2010, the latest chapter was written in the moving history of media messaging within New York City's subway transit system. As of that date, passengers along the 42nd Street shuttle line between Times ...Read More

Hi there, Below you will find my proposal (I have only removed the bibliography section).  I would love to explore some collaboration areas. For example, I see both, pigeons and delivery guys as messengers. While food delivery is in a constant ...Read More

Research Questions Why is there such a fascination with alcohol? What does it mean when we designate certain spaces to imbibe it throughout time? Why has there not been more study on the subject? These are the questions I intend to ...Read More

Assignment#1: Individual Project Proposal Title: Orange or not orange? An attempt in making the dead zones more visible. Introduction I purchased my iPhone 3G on September 9th 2009. On that day, I became a new AT&T customer. I had purposely changed mobile servers to ...Read More

The Coffeehouse: A Communication Hotspot in Transition My attention was first pointed at the coffeehouse as a changing hub of communication a while ago, while I was doing some fieldwork of observing the street intersection of Grand Avenue and Clifton Place ...Read More

This post will outline what I hope will be my final mapping project (more on hopes and hopes-potentially-dashed later). I want to start with this chart, which I can point to as a major piece of inspiration behind this proposed project: This ...Read More