After narrowing down my data set, I started to sketch out the social and material networks of specific zines based on the data -- not by geographic points, but by connections. As expected, I found that the zine titles that ...Read More

One of the walking tours I'm mapping, from Carol J. Binkowski's book Musical New York (1999), starts with a surprising story from 1736. It has nothing to do with a musician, composer or singer, or even a performance venue, but ...Read More

The Chronicle of Higher Education featured an article about a new report that addresses the use of copyrighted materials in student multimedia projects. From the report: "The following is the four-pronged fair use rubric from U.S. copyright law. The existence ...Read More

Hello class, I usually don’t share my work with class, as Adorno would have said that I work in the business of fabricated needs! (Yes, I am guilty of charge: I work in advertising). However, I am proud of one of the ...Read More

Hi class, I have just learned about Harrasmap, a map to the service of urban living issues in Egypt. Women who experience sexual harassment while walking the streets of Cairo will soon have a way to use Twitter to fight back. ...Read More

Hello archaeologists, I’d like to share with you an article from the latest Wired magazine (the November issue): “Invisible City: What a Hundred Million Calls to 311 Reveal About Ne York”. I’ll bring a copy on Wednesday. Launched in 2003, 311 fields ...Read More

Hello everyone ! I just wanted to share with you one map that I came across on this French website ( Since I am planning to map the At&T dead spots, I have been looking around trying to find how cartographers succeeded ...Read More

For the map critique assignment, I’d like to propose some additions to the collection (or “atlas”) of mapping projects. I am inspired by some of the work developed by Stamen, a group of designers that are telling stories out of ...Read More

I work in advertising, in an area called digital strategy. As part of my work, I try to understand people’s drivers to interact with media and technology; to gain a deeper knowledge of the way in which people relate with ...Read More