[caption id="attachment_1271" align="alignnone" width="216" caption="Margaret D. Foster (1895-1970), Scientist for the Manhattan Project, Smithsonian Institution Archives: http://tinyurl.com/292u95z"][/caption] Those of you who are considering applying for our top-secret "methods option" can download the application form here. You'll need to remember our secure ...Read More

On August 1, 1954 a plane landed at New York City's Idlewild Airport in Queens (now LaGuardia). The plane carried Lena, a German Racing Pigeon. Lena's arrival in the U.S. was a grand celebration. She was met by “four hero pigeons of ...Read More

Hello Everybody, I think this is the guy that Jesse Shapins co-taught his Media Archaeology class with at Harvard. He's showing his work at Union Docs. His name is Ernst Karel and he has produced things for German Radio! Go to the ...Read More

As I wrote to Shannon at the end of the year, pretty much all I do now is look for maps, look at maps, and dream about maps.  And so I will (if that's OK - maybe Shannon wants to ...Read More

My research addresses the thesis of what has characterized the cultural role(s) of the coffee shop in New York City throughout history as a public institution, and what potentials the evolving nature of its social public sphere has facilitated and ...Read More

Hello class! Thanks so much to all of you who approched me and shared such encouraging compliments on my "book". I have no background on design. It was a big effort to put the book together. But it was worth it. I ended up ...Read More

Yesterday in class Shannon mentioned the amount of "letting go" required with research, the arduous amount of hard work and research, and the many circuitous paths our projects could take. I think another thing Shannon hasn't mentioned is the post-partum ...Read More

Below is my project proposal. One to revisit, another to make sure I meet my 'process blog' requirement. I realize now how "shy" I can be with blogging in general - I'm a bit nervous about putting my thoughts "out ...Read More

Generally speaking, the cliched sentiments that would fall down on the page here would be, "It has been a long and challenging semester that was all the more rewarding for the work that was put into it." In truth, time ...Read More

First off, thanks to Shannon, Rory, and everyone in the class. I thought it was a valuable experiment in design-led research, and I was super impressed by how engaged and collaborative and supportive everyone was. In terms of my project evaluation, ...Read More

I'm pretty satisfied with the how my map turned out, especially considering I did not have a clear vision of it until late in the semester. In addition to having blurry expectations for my project, I also didn't know what ...Read More