WEDNESDAY 12/15 We'll recap our criteria for evaluating multimodal student work + critiquing maps. We'll do a few rounds of peer critique on one another's work and, in the process, identify some possible connections between our individual projects that could be the ...Read More

Projects: Attidutes & Lattitudes - user generated stories of LGBT experience and how this is affected by location: Nathan Becker & Leif Percifeld Sharpening the Dhar(avi) - iPad application to measure flows of Dharavi residents: Janvi Sanjay Mody & Simoni Bhansali Faith Cloud ...Read More

[caption id="attachment_1271" align="alignnone" width="216" caption="Margaret D. Foster (1895-1970), Scientist for the Manhattan Project, Smithsonian Institution Archives:"][/caption] Those of you who are considering applying for our top-secret "methods option" can download the application form here. You'll need to remember our secure ...Read More

The Chronicle of Higher Education featured an article about a new report that addresses the use of copyrighted materials in student multimedia projects. From the report: "The following is the four-pronged fair use rubric from U.S. copyright law. The existence ...Read More

Because URT is undergoing some updates and we won't be able to post for a couple weeks, you won't be able to share an URT-based "draft map" on the 17th (see the original assignment here). Yet I would still like ...Read More

This exercise will serve to: help your classmates learn about your particular theoretical and topical interests (which will also help us start generating ideas about potential collaborations); encourage you to start thinking about the “stuff” of your map – ...Read More

Last week we discussed how you think we can best use our in-class time during the final eight weeks of the semester. Rory and I took all of your recommendations under consideration and created a second-half-of-the-semester syllabus that, we think, ...Read More

Here are some ideas that tonight's small-group discussions generated. Rory and I will meet early next week to translate some of these ideas into a schedule. In the meantime, we welcome further comments! Read More

Two questions: What's the best way for each of you to share leads and resources and offer feedback on your classmates' projects -- and possibly explore cross-overs or collaborations? Would simply posting comments to individuals' blog posts suffice? Or do we ...Read More

Jesse Shapins -- PhD student and co-instructor of "Media Archaeology of Place" at Harvard; co-founder of Union Docs; and co-creator of Mapping Main Street, Yellow Arrow, and Pleriplurban -- will be joining us in class on October 20. He's asked ...Read More