When Pac-Man bites the power pellet located in one of the corners of his maze the ghosts that have previously been chasing him turn dark blue and become vulnerable to attack. They then scatter and each focuses on a point ...Read More

So I'm not sure why but I tried to post this weeks ago and I guess it didn't work. Also the draft wasn't saved. Oh well, I've been bad enough about the process blogs as it is. Apologies. So after meeting ...Read More

My search for information on video game arcades in the city led me first to the Department of Consumer Affairs. The DCA handles all licensing and records for businesses in the city, so I figured they would have an exhaustive ...Read More

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="667" caption="Gap at St Vincent's Hospital"][/caption] Title: Manhattan Skate Map Affiliation: Jackson Vandeberg (Designer/Creator) Location: http://jacksonsny.com/skatemap/htmls/index.html Subject Matter: Skate spots in Manhattan Data Types: Locations and “names” of skate spots, locations of public transportation, photos of skate spots and skate ...Read More