On August 1, 1954 a plane landed at New York City's Idlewild Airport in Queens (now LaGuardia). The plane carried Lena, a German Racing Pigeon. Lena's arrival in the U.S. was a grand celebration. She was met by “four hero pigeons of ...Read More

Hello Everybody, I think this is the guy that Jesse Shapins co-taught his Media Archaeology class with at Harvard. He's showing his work at Union Docs. His name is Ernst Karel and he has produced things for German Radio! Go to the ...Read More

I am satisfied with the completeness of my project. I’m not sure how I did it, but I got Pigeography to a point that I can safely call “done” for the time being. I am glad that I was able ...Read More

The Saturday after Thanksgiving I went to the Faircount Pigeon Show. This is more like a livestock show or dog show than a racing competition—a whole other sect of pigeon appreciation. I arrived at Warsaw Park in Ansonia, Connecticut, which looked ...Read More

In the introduction to Andrew Blechman's Pigeons: The Fascinating Saga of the World's Most Revered and Reviled Birdr I discovered the chinese pigeon whistle. This is an instrument made out of bamboo or gourd attached to a bird's tail feathers. ...Read More

Alright, so its about time that I officially post my proposal. I'll admit that things have changed between now and last month. However, as I look back, I notice that things have not changed that much. and they've changed ...Read More

In an article from the Digital Humanities Quarterly Tom Elliot and Sean Gilles imagine an elegant mapping system reminiscent of Borges. The vision takes place in 2017 when the unnamed protagonist—a classical studies professor—uses an integrated computing system to view and ...Read More

[[ This is a journal entry that I wrote back during out Zielinski reading. It's about Sappho, the ancient Greek poet whose work I'm trying to memorize. You can read about my progress in this project at sapphonics.wordpress.com ]] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So.... *These are ...Read More

There's a lot of stuff this weekend related to our work. Here's one more thing. I heard a cart for this week's Radio Lab which will be about cities. They haven't written anything about the forthcoming show on their website, but ...Read More