In looking back over the past 4 months, I’ve come to realize several things about multi-modal research and scholarship, the most prominent being that this approach to scholarship is thoroughly more complex than just researching a topic and writing a ...Read More

I have spent some time over the past week creating my records and mapping the buildings I want to show on the map.  I've almost mapped all the buildings.  Overall, I've plotted most of the "stories" I mentioned in my ...Read More

As I try to narrow down my project, I find that I’m trying to isolate what I’m mapping into a series of threads, or stories, I would like to tell.  I’ve done a lot of reading and research and would ...Read More

Sources and notebook notes

A few blog posts ago, I wrote about how I wanted to approach my research as one large database.  Possibly the most useful aspect of this approach is that I have a pretty organized way to look at all the ...Read More

Last Thursday I took the day to visit the New-York Historical Society Library to go through some of their boxes and files featuring photographs and ephemera of New York City streets and buildings over the past 200 years.  A few ...Read More

Wall Street Journal

Over the course of my research, I’ve found some unlikely sources to be remarkably useful.  Since I am writing on newspaper and media buildings, and in some cases covering buildings constructed in the 19th century, it can be difficult finding ...Read More

As I dive into readings for my “architecture of media” project, I find that I am facing challenges in the way I conduct my research. As I was taught years ago, I read and take notes in outline or bullet-point ...Read More

For my critique, I decided to examine The Metropolitan Museum of Art Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History, or TOAH, (  My interest in this timeline/research tool/map stems from how it grapples with an enormous amount of information over time.  The ...Read More

As my first process blog post, I wanted to post my proposal for the final project and contribution to the URT map. For my final project in Urban Media Archeology, I would like to investigate the architecture of media publishers in ...Read More