Yesterday in class Shannon mentioned the amount of "letting go" required with research, the arduous amount of hard work and research, and the many circuitous paths our projects could take. I think another thing Shannon hasn't mentioned is the post-partum ...Read More

Below is my project proposal. One to revisit, another to make sure I meet my 'process blog' requirement. I realize now how "shy" I can be with blogging in general - I'm a bit nervous about putting my thoughts "out ...Read More

I’m about mid-way (almost) in entering my data onto the URT map. Right now, it seems like I have a bunch of points on a map and my argument is a far away process. I’m hoping by today, all my ...Read More

Before I begin to create my map using the URT tool, I need to develop a method for my record types. These record types will help determine how the layers of my argument will come together to tell a story. ...Read More

Described as  a “collaborative sound map of the City”, Open Sound New Orleans (OSNO) invites the public to record, upload, and share the sounds of New Orleans using Google Maps. The purpose and goal of the Open Sound project is ...Read More

How does one map the history of radio broadcasting in NYC? And at what point does it become just noise? These were questions I embarked on when drawing on a topic for my mapping project. I had intended to focus ...Read More

There are some excellent open houses that I'm thinking are perfect for our class at the Archives Week in New York. The link has a PDF schedule attached to it. After yesterday's class - I am highlighting just a few of ...Read More