I'm pretty satisfied with the how my map turned out, especially considering I did not have a clear vision of it until late in the semester. In addition to having blurry expectations for my project, I also didn't know what ...Read More

I thought that I should finally post my project proposal. I have edited it since I originally submitted it and going over it was a good exercise to help me stay on track. The City as Cinema: Media-based Public Art Projects ...Read More

While entering the final stretch of creating my map, I'm finding that curation is my biggest challenge. In the early stages of my project, I imagined my map to be a database. Even though I quickly narrowed down the number ...Read More

I think I am finally done with collecting data and artifacts for my map. Last week I went back to Fales Special Collections at NYU and looked at The Public Art Fund archive. I was very grateful that they let me ...Read More

prototype map

History In the summer of 2008, Eric DeMenthon was struggling with a challenge that many of us are quite familiar with--trying to find an apartment in New York City. The painful experience of clicking through thousands of ...Read More

Shannon told me at the beginning stages of this project that it's OK for me to work with what's available. In my case, that meant focusing on public art projects from Creative Time since NYU has their archive in Fales ...Read More

It's too bad that this project isn't public because it's really interesting. About 100 street artists illegally entered an abandoned subway station and painted murals on the walls. One of the creators calls it "an eternal show without a crowd." NY ...Read More

I've been thinking about what kind of media I would like to include in my map and I realized that I going to have to deal with a familiar foe: Copyright. I'm planning on visiting the Creative Time Archive in the ...Read More