My research addresses the thesis of what has characterized the cultural role(s) of the coffee shop in New York City throughout history as a public institution, and what potentials the evolving nature of its social public sphere has facilitated and ...Read More

The biggest challenge with my empirical data was the lack of a natural coherent ‘meeting point’ for my findings. Although they all relate to the coffee shop, and most of them are images from/text about coffee shops, I had to ...Read More

My research topic of ”the coffee house” has developed into a study of the characteristics of the evolution in ‘the production of a social public sphere’, and the coffee shop’s role throughout history as a facilitator of different kinds of ...Read More

Over the past week or so I have expanded my research from internet and book-search to visit the archives and libraries that contain helpful resources for my project. These are: Brooklyn Public Library, the General Library, its Business Division and ...Read More

My confusion on how to narrow down my project, or to what scale, decreased a little last week. I was confused about this, as the designers brought some wonderful however abstract suggestions on the table for the design critique, one ...Read More

Preparing my Pecha Kucha presentation for this week made me think much more concrete about the objective of my research, and the argument I am going to spatialize. Reading Olivia Mitchell’s advices for holding a Pecha Kucha presentation also directed ...Read More

The Coffeehouse: A Communication Hotspot in Transition My attention was first pointed at the coffeehouse as a changing hub of communication a while ago, while I was doing some fieldwork of observing the street intersection of Grand Avenue and Clifton Place ...Read More