Stop 1: Idea Ever since reading Michel de Certeau's "Walking in the City" (1980) several years ago I've been very attracted to the essay's central metaphor: the city as text. His proposal, or at least what I took from it and ...Read More

One of the great challenges of my research has been deciphering the handwriting of late New York University history professor Bayrd Still (1906-1992), a frequent creator and leader of walking tours throughout Downtown Manhattan. One of the walking tours that ...Read More

One of the major primary documents I'll be incorporating into my mapping project is a series of photocopied handwritten index cards that I only recently finished deciphering. The nearly illegible and poorly re-printed script belongs to Bayrd Still (1906-1992), an ...Read More

As I headed to Tribeca on a recent research trip to follow two of the walking tours I’m mapping for my project, a pair of free podcasts released by The Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting in 2009 that ...Read More

Note: When I wrote this proposal my plan, or the idea I thought would become the plan was that I would try to amass as many walking tour itineraries, accounts and maps as possible to see what parts of New ...Read More