WEDNESDAY 12/15 We'll recap our criteria for evaluating multimodal student work + critiquing maps. We'll do a few rounds of peer critique on one another's work and, in the process, identify some possible connections between our individual projects that could be the ...Read More

Projects: Attidutes & Lattitudes - user generated stories of LGBT experience and how this is affected by location: Nathan Becker & Leif Percifeld Sharpening the Dhar(avi) - iPad application to measure flows of Dharavi residents: Janvi Sanjay Mody & Simoni Bhansali Faith Cloud ...Read More

[caption id="attachment_1271" align="alignnone" width="216" caption="Margaret D. Foster (1895-1970), Scientist for the Manhattan Project, Smithsonian Institution Archives:"][/caption] Those of you who are considering applying for our top-secret "methods option" can download the application form here. You'll need to remember our secure ...Read More

[caption id="attachment_1119" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="The Metro desk in the 3rd floor newsroom, 1970s"][/caption] The arts section of today's NY Times contained articles on the afterlives of historic newsrooms and speakeasies! The old NY Times newsroom on 43rd Street is now a ...Read More

The Chronicle of Higher Education featured an article about a new report that addresses the use of copyrighted materials in student multimedia projects. From the report: "The following is the four-pronged fair use rubric from U.S. copyright law. The existence ...Read More

I somehow managed to avoid taking a single clear picture. Sorry! [caption id="attachment_1075" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Pop-ups w/ photos, captions, data tied to both individual points and multiple points on the map"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_1076" align="alignnone" width="225" caption="Above, representing signal strength at two times ...Read More

First, please remember that we have a RESEARCH BUDGET for this class. If any part of your project requires funding -- for resource collection, digitization, rights-to-use fees, etc. -- please let me know! Now, here's the list of archives and primary ...Read More

The theme for the Fall 2010 issue Immediacy, our program's graduate student journal, is "Media Engagements with Contemporary Urban Space." I encourage all of you to submit your work -- perhaps not in the form of several individual projects, but ...Read More

You Are Here: Psychogeography of Mapping - Pratt Manhattan Gallery - Closing 11/6/10 See Urban Omnibus Review Read More

Because URT is undergoing some updates and we won't be able to post for a couple weeks, you won't be able to share an URT-based "draft map" on the 17th (see the original assignment here). Yet I would still like ...Read More