I must admit that it quite difficult to evaluate your own work right after the day you finished it. My mind is still thinking about deadline and presentation. Like everyone else, I will be recuperating in the next few days ...Read More

Well this was for sure a very long journey! Not only did it feel laborious but my project was also fluctuating from week to week as many different ideas were going through my head. Moreover, as I went along, the ...Read More

I must say that this week was a real breakthrough for me! I realize that it is a bit late in the game but in my mind, better late than never. Basically, as I was practicing on the tool that we ...Read More

As I realize that we are approximately two weeks before our deadline, I still wanted to share with the class the four tools that I have been using to create my map. My number one tool is my very traditional notebook ...Read More

I’ve always found it helpful that while in the process of constructing a project, it is important to document the stages you find yourself in order to have landmarks for your future research and also for an archival purpose. The Pecha ...Read More

Introduction For my map critique, I decided to study the series of protest maps given by the French daily newspaper’s website ‘Le Monde’ published on October 12th, available at: http://www.lemonde.fr/societe/infographie/2010/10/12/la-carte-des-manifestations-du-12-octobre_1424313_3224.html After browsing through different worldly media sources, the French protesters were being described ...Read More

China launched, on Friday October 22nd, an official mapping site similar to our well - known “Google Earth”. It was named “Map World”. This website was obviously approved ahead by the Chinese government. It is a free site that allows ...Read More

Hello everyone ! I just wanted to share with you one map that I came across on this French website (http://expositions.bnf.fr/globes/bornes/v/41/index.htm). Since I am planning to map the At&T dead spots, I have been looking around trying to find how cartographers succeeded ...Read More

Assignment#1: Individual Project Proposal Title: Orange or not orange? An attempt in making the dead zones more visible. Introduction I purchased my iPhone 3G on September 9th 2009. On that day, I became a new AT&T customer. I had purposely changed mobile servers to ...Read More