As I wrote to Shannon at the end of the year, pretty much all I do now is look for maps, look at maps, and dream about maps.  And so I will (if that's OK - maybe Shannon wants to ...Read More

I would be remiss if I didn't send everybody off for the end of year hibernation without some good internet mapping fodder to keep them busy in between big meals, hot drinks, and bad television watching.  Here's hoping that some ...Read More

This project has become, in some ways, simpler for me, and at the same time, more complex (though arguably, not necessarily more difficult).  Initially, I had devised a plan for creating a more or less faceless visualization of data over ...Read More

As a source for critique, I have chosen Habitat Map, a wiki-based mapping and social networking platform aimed at charting various measures of what the site terms "environmental quality of life". These characteristics that fall under the category of "environmental ...Read More

This post will outline what I hope will be my final mapping project (more on hopes and hopes-potentially-dashed later). I want to start with this chart, which I can point to as a major piece of inspiration behind this proposed project: This ...Read More

While I'm saving my actual project proposal for another posting that I will try to get up tomorrow prior to class, I wanted to share some things that I have been looking at over the past couple of weeks whilst ...Read More