Hello class! Thanks so much to all of you who approched me and shared such encouraging compliments on my "book". I have no background on design. It was a big effort to put the book together. But it was worth it. I ended up ...Read More

The past Wednesday, during Adrian and Hanna’s presentations, I was seating in the back. From that perspective, I was able to enjoy a shared sentiment of enjoyment, that of the pleasure of achievement: we did it! This reaction was tattooed ...Read More

Hello class, After pursuing my research on food deliveries, and after going through some of the pains that the deliverymen face during their journeys, I guess that I became more sensitive to some messaging/advertising campaigns. One example, is the one I ...Read More

Hello Class, I’d just like to share with you some material/thoughts/curiosities that I discovered during my research that won’t make it to the final cut, yet I find them to be interesting. SOURCES OF RESEARCH/LEARNING The value of the delivery menus as a ...Read More

(Answer: 62% of respondents prefer summer deliveries -- “It doesn’t even get hot here.”) During the holidays, I received an email from Shannon about deliverymen articles in last week’s New York magazine ("The Everything Guides to deliveries"). At first, I got frustrated: ...Read More

Hello class, I would like to start gathering submissions to this original database of obstacles to save time in the food delivery process – the deliveryman’s daily cycled itineraries (the process that starts at the time when the deliveryman receives the ...Read More

Hi there, I think that your project is amazing. I took three photos, however, might not be exactly what you are looking for. I am interested in color and the city. Therefore, i decided to look for some color, always present ...Read More

In order to identify key “obstacles” to save time during the moment of the delivery (per my previous post, the moment of the delivery is the process that starts at the time when the deliveryman receives the package to be ...Read More

My project will aim to discover how the restaurant-to-consumer food delivery service has benefited from the latest developments in communication technologies. In particular, my idea is to describe where the limits to timesaving are, in an era where instantaneity seems ...Read More

Hello class, I usually don’t share my work with class, as Adorno would have said that I work in the business of fabricated needs! (Yes, I am guilty of charge: I work in advertising). However, I am proud of one of the ...Read More