First, please remember that we have a RESEARCH BUDGET for this class. If any part of your project requires funding -- for resource collection, digitization, rights-to-use fees, etc. -- please let me know! Now, here's the list of archives and primary ...Read More

There's a new book out by one of my favorite authors that I thought I'd share with everyone. Infinite City: A San Francisco Atlas, by Rebecca Solnit From the description there: "A reinvention of the traditional atlas ... examining the many layers of ...Read More

As I mentioned in my Pecha Kucha (I think), this research project has brought up some interesting dynamics for me between analog/digital, low-fi/high-tech. Zine culture is very much about process, about the craft of making. The zine artifact is tactile, tangible ...Read More

The theme for the Fall 2010 issue Immediacy, our program's graduate student journal, is "Media Engagements with Contemporary Urban Space." I encourage all of you to submit your work -- perhaps not in the form of several individual projects, but ...Read More

China launched, on Friday October 22nd, an official mapping site similar to our well - known “Google Earth”. It was named “Map World”. This website was obviously approved ahead by the Chinese government. It is a free site that allows ...Read More

At the Conflux Festival last weekend someone told me about this show currently up at Pratt's Manhattan Gallery called "You Are Here". It's all about "pyschogeography" and alternative modes of mapping in NYC: An exhibition of work by a selection of ...Read More

URT Tool Links I wanted to share with everyone the links to the sites I was demo'ing in our last class. You can log in to the URT tool here: As I mentioned, your username is the same as your Wordpress login (but ...Read More

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There's a lot of stuff this weekend related to our work. Here's one more thing. I heard a cart for this week's Radio Lab which will be about cities. They haven't written anything about the forthcoming show on their website, but ...Read More

The Arcade Fire's new multi-paned video for "We Used to Wait" -- a Google "Chrome Experience" -- makes use of HTML5, animation, and map mashups. Google's Aaron Koblin says, in an interview with Wired, “One of the biggest struggles ...Read More