I am satisfied with the completeness of my project. I’m not sure how I did it, but I got Pigeography to a point that I can safely call “done” for the time being. I am glad that I was able ...Read More

I would be remiss if I didn't send everybody off for the end of year hibernation without some good internet mapping fodder to keep them busy in between big meals, hot drinks, and bad television watching.  Here's hoping that some ...Read More

This project has become, in some ways, simpler for me, and at the same time, more complex (though arguably, not necessarily more difficult).  Initially, I had devised a plan for creating a more or less faceless visualization of data over ...Read More

I presented the very in-progress state of my map in class last Wednesday evening. I was nervous throughout the day ahead of the presentation -- not because I lacked a grasp on its content but because after all of the ...Read More

I must admit that it quite difficult to evaluate your own work right after the day you finished it. My mind is still thinking about deadline and presentation. Like everyone else, I will be recuperating in the next few days ...Read More

When Pac-Man bites the power pellet located in one of the corners of his maze the ghosts that have previously been chasing him turn dark blue and become vulnerable to attack. They then scatter and each focuses on a point ...Read More

Despite my project's metamorphosis into something beyond (and better) what I originally imagined, I went to bed last night feeling like I still had details to add, things to change, ways to organize things differely.  Ultimately, this project has left ...Read More

In looking back over the past 4 months, I’ve come to realize several things about multi-modal research and scholarship, the most prominent being that this approach to scholarship is thoroughly more complex than just researching a topic and writing a ...Read More

Well this was for sure a very long journey! Not only did it feel laborious but my project was also fluctuating from week to week as many different ideas were going through my head. Moreover, as I went along, the ...Read More

Stop 1: Idea Ever since reading Michel de Certeau's "Walking in the City" (1980) several years ago I've been very attracted to the essay's central metaphor: the city as text. His proposal, or at least what I took from it and ...Read More